West Haven

EL Summer Academy
West Haven School District
Grade level/Age Range of Students in Program:  Students entering grades 1 through 12 in the Fall

Primary Student Needs Program is Designed to Address

The primary need the program is designed to address is students oral language proficiency.  Secondary goals are Reading and Writing development.

Most Innovative or Successful Elements of the Program

There is a formal curriculum for the program.  The curriculum uses Science units as the instructional vehicle.  This approach was chosen due to the active nature of the science inquiry method.  Embedded in this curriculum is a strong emphasis on oral English language development as well as reading and writing development.  Therefore, lessons are active and designed to appeal to students of this age.  Observation confirmed the interest and engagement of students.  Next Steps Guided Reading is utilized for the youngest students.  There is a physical education class again with strong emphasis on oral English language development. 

Staff working in the program receive 5 hours of professional development in the curriculum and instructional approach after school gets out for the summer but prior to the initiation of the program.

How Are the Outcomes of the Program Measured

Students are grouped in classes based not only on their age but also on their LAS levels.  
NWEA and LAS Links levels are reviewed in the Spring and Fall to measure progress or at least the absence of regression. 

Attendance is monitored closely.  As of the date of this visitation attendance was averaging 81%. 

Operational Features

The program runs from 9am to 1pm June 20 through July 1.  Breakfast and lunch are served, and transportation is provided.  197 students are enrolled this summer.  This is roughly double last years enrollment.  Most students go the Community Collaborative Camp after leaving the program.  This camp is focused on recreational activities.  This camp runs for 5 weeks.

Staff Selection/Recruitment Procedures

Positions in the program are posted and any EL or classroom teacher may apply. Final selection is at the discretion of the Director.  Each classroom is staffed with an EL teacher, an EL paraprofessionsl, and a Literacy support person. Class sizes run from 10 to 14 students.    In addition, there is an on-site Director, a nurse, a secretary, a social worker and two outreach workers.

Student Selection/Recruitment Procedures

The program is open to any student enrolled in the EL program during the school year.  A predetermined number of spots in the program are allocated to each school.  The EL team in each school communicates regularly and often with parents to let them know about the program and encourage attendance.  The primary method of communication is telephone.  This year approximately one third of eligible students are attending.

Program Contact
Maria Burton, Director of EL Summer Academy   |   Maria.burton@WHschools.org