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Stonington Middle School Summer Academy
Stonington School District
Grade level/Age Range of Students in Program:  Middle School - grades 6,7 and 8

Primary Student Needs Program is Designed to Address

  1. Student engagement—student choice was used to promote engaged learners who have agency in their learning. High interest topics and hands-on approaches motivated students and encouraged them to explore new or extended subjects and topics.
  2. The Summer Academy served as a “test lab” for middle school “encore courses”, which is a free choice mini-course program embedded in the middle school program.

(The District also offered high school credit recovery and Extended School Year programming per Individual Educational Plans.)

Most Innovative or Successful Elements of the Program

  • High Interest courses were being tested in summer program:

Invisible Math; Soil and Science; Digital Photography I and II; Graffiti Math/Art; Wellness & Healthy Eating; Spanish Culture Club; Art Studio; International Sports and Games.

  • Maximum flexibility was used to encourage high levels of participation.  Compacted courses and multiple sessions were offered so as to accommodate family plans and preferences.
  • Transportation was available.

How Are the Outcomes of the Program Measured

Primarily by attendance

Operational Features

July 12-August 4  (Four weeks, each week is a separate opportunity to take a different course and students may attend as many weeks as they’d like.)

Program runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-12:15.

Bus transportation provided. Students bring their own snacks.

Staff Selection/Recruitment Procedures

Positions posted for teacher and paraprofessional positions (no trouble filling them).

Student Selection/Recruitment Procedures

101 students enrolled in at least one course.

Program director visited each grade to announce courses and students then signed up.  A letter was sent to parents of students who would benefit from additional reinforcement opportunities (tier 2 and 3).

Program Contact
Tina Eisenbeis   |