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Summer Learning Program
Preston School District
Grade level/Age Range of Students in Program:  PK-7 (Entering K-8)

Primary Student Needs Program is Designed to Address

Although the program hopes to close learning gaps for students impacted by loss of instructional time due to COVID, all students were invited to participate. Sixty-five of 400 enrolled district students are currently participating. Of those, 53 are in PK-5.  Both academic and social/emotional needs of the students are assessed during the program.

Most exciting quote: “Summer School is WAY better than summer camp”!

Most Innovative or Successful Elements of the Program

  • Unique partnership with Mystic Aquarium. Students are taken to the aquarium every Thursday to engage in high-interest activities that have been mapped out in advance so that teachers can create companion lessons in the days before and after each topic (see topics at the end of this report).
  • This year students in the ESY program were included in these activities as well. Additional supports were put into place to assure students with behavioral issues had support while at Mystic Aquarium.
  • Grade 3 students were creating treasure maps as pirates might have used. They were totally engaged and the teacher’s excitement was visible.
  • An unintended outcome was the creation of a summer learning handbook and then a staff handbook for the regular school year.

How Are the Outcomes of the Program Measured

  • Each grade level has specific social/emotional and academic goals for students. Assessments are conducted at the beginning and end of the summer program.
  • Students are surveyed about their experiences both academically and social/emotionally. A Parent Survey was suggested and will be added. They plan to add one as a means for communicating the need for funding to their BoE.
  • This is the Draft ESSER II Grant SMART Goal: By the end of the 2022-23 school year, students participating in 80% of summer school and after school tutoring sessions, and enhanced instruction aimed at acceleration of learning, will demonstrate growth in reading and mathematics as measured by district-wide assessments compared to students’ baseline in the 2020-2021 school year.

Operational Features

These programs run for 5 weeks, from July 11-August 11, 8:30-12:30.

Transportation is provided to and from the program unless the students are attending Parks & Recreation or Play and Learn for the afternoon.

Community partners include: Parks & Recreation, Play & Learn and Mystic Aquarium.

Lunch and snacks are provided daily.

Staff Selection/Recruitment Procedures

Staff recruiting began in January. This led to full staffing of the program.

Student Selection/Recruitment Procedures

All students in the district were given the opportunity to participate in this program. Some students received direct solicitation from teachers who felt these students would benefit from additional instruction and social interaction, particularly 5 students who did not attend kindergarten either remotely or in person. An additional 20 students were encouraged to enroll as they were hybrid learning participants.

A programming announcement was distributed to all students encouraging participation.

Instructional Models Used

A combination of individual, whole and small group instruction is used depending upon each child’s needs and the topic at hand. The weekly field trip to Mystic Aquarium enhances each child's learning before, during and after those experiences.

Seaport Activities and Themes

July 15
PK - 1st - Seaport trades
2nd-4th -Astronomy
5th-7th -Sailors' skills

July 22
PK-1st - Astronomy
2nd-4th- Life and trades in a seaport town
5th-7th- Marine science

July 29
PK-1st- Sailor skills
2nd-4th- Marine science
5th-7th- Sailors' arts

Aug. 5
PK-1st- Marine science
2nd-4th- Sailors' arts
5th-7th- Astronomy

Aug. 12
PK-1st- Sailor's arts
2nd-4th- Sailors' skills
5th-7th- Seaport trades

Program Contact
Christopher Pickett   |