Elementary Summer Program
Meriden School District
Grade level/Age Range of Students in Program:  Students exiting grades K through 4


Primary Student Needs Program is Designed to Address

The primary purpose of the program is to prevent regression in skills (Primarily literacy skills) over the summer break and secondarily to improve students engagement and attendance in school.

Most Innovative or Successful Elements of the Program

Strengths of the program include a very structured and balanced literacy program, a coordinated SEL learning program, and a very strong community partnership program.  Each day staff from the Boys and Girls Club/Girls Inc. come into the program and work with students directly involving recreational activities.  Each day of the week one grade level is bussed to the YMCA camp where the students engage in fishing, archery, etc.  Many students also attend camps at one of the partners following dismissal from the program at noon at no cost.  

These connections with community partners are extended throughout the school year with many students being provided with memberships to the partner organization and scholarships to partners’ specialty programs.

How Are the Outcomes of the Program Measured

Plans call for comparing those students who were selected for the program but did not attend to those students who did attend.  Data to be collected will include school attendance, attitude toward school, and academic achievement.

Operational Features

Program runs from June 20 through July 15.  Monday – Friday. 8:30 am to 12 noon.  Transportation, breakfast, and lunch are provided. 

Community partners include the YMCA, Girls Inc. and the Boys and Girls Club. 

There are 25 teachers in the program with an average section size of 11-12 students. In addition there are tutors, climate specialists, paraprofessionals, a nurse, two directors and a secretary. 

Staff Selection/Recruitment Procedures

Positions in the program are all posted.  Applicants apply and final selection is at the discretion of program directors.  Staffing has not been an issue.

Student Selection/Recruitment Procedures

In March the district data office compiles a list of all elementary students and breaks the list into categories.  The first priority for enrollment in the program is students performing at a level of less than 25% proficiency.  Recruitment begins with this group.  The primary tool used in recruitment is a series of personal phone calls to parents. All recruiting is conducted by staff at the students’ home school.  If this group does not fill all slots in the program the second priority group is recruited.  This includes those students between 26 and 35% proficiency.  The same recruitment methods are used.  If slots still remain in the program the final group (Those at a proficiency level of 36 to 45% are recruited using the same method.  Siblings of selected students are allowed to attend the program even if they exceed the 45% proficiency level. 

In the current year 306 students’ parents committed to having their child/children attend the program.
Of this number, 206 students are in regular attendance.

Program Contact
Daniel Crispino, Director of School Leadership-Elementary   |