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Early Start (1,600 students)
Middle School Summer Experience (300 students)
Extended School Year (IEP Program)

Summer Bridge for rising 9th graders (200 students)
Credit Recovery (600 students)
Hartford School District
Grade level/Age Range of Students in Program:  PK-grade 12

Primary Student Needs Program is Designed to Address

Early Start is for students who are underperforming (two years below grade level) based on the iReady Assessment. There is an academic and SEL focus.

Middle School Summer Experience is open to all middle school students – student can select to participate in a leadership, social and emotional, or sports oriented session for the 4 week program – community partners provide enrichment and cultural experiences.

Extended School Year – IEP Driven – focus on pre-academic skills, transition skills, reading, writing, math, social and emotional learning

Summer Bridge for rising ninth graders is a high immersion program to orient entering high school students. Friday field trips include going to college campuses. The ELA focus is on critical thinking and communicating for high school, Math is Algebra, College & Career is building mindsets & behaviors for high school and post-secondary success.

Credit Recovery is free to support students on track to graduation. Up to 2 credits can be completed.

Most Innovative or Successful Elements of the Program

Community partners, field trips, enrichment, meals, transportation.

How Are the Outcomes of the Program Measured

  • Families, staff, and students, complete surveys.
  • Early Start students pre and post assessments and iReady spring and fall assessments
  • Thirty students graduated because of participation in the Credit Recovery program.

Operational Features

All programs ran for 4 weeks in July except for Credit Recovery which was held for 5 weeks. Please see the attached Summer Learning Opportunities flyer for hours, course offerings, and locations.

Transportation provided for all students including credit recovery students. Field trips were held every Friday with transportation provided. Suburban students in Hartford magnet schools were also transported.

Every student received breakfast and lunch. If they participated in the afternoon enrichment program with community partners, they received a snack.

Community partners included the Blue Hills Civic Association, the Center for Latino Progress, the Urban League, Act Up Theatre, Lake Compounce, Camp Courant – these organizations provided summer enrichment activities such as mural creation, spoken word poetry, movement, dance, arts, theater, and project-based learning from 12:15 – 4 pm.

Hartford PS collaborate regularly with community partners, most students remained for the full day.

Staff Selection/Recruitment Procedures

This is the first summer they were fully staffed. A stipend was added to the hourly rate paid. A certified teacher received an additional $1000, a social worker received and additional $750.

An orientation was held prior to the start of the Summer Program.

A clear curriculum was provided.

Student Selection/Recruitment Procedures

Students who are underperforming (two years below grade level) based on the iReady Assessment are identified for Early Start. Families are contacted about the opportunity to participate with follow-up registration.

Middle School Summer Experience is open to all middle school students. Marketing begins in March. Registration is held April-May 20.

Credit Recovery is open to any student who has failed a core content course. School counselors work with students to ensure they are registered.

Program Contact
Katelin Jacobs, Assistant Director of Extended Day/Year Programs
(transitioning to an asst. principal position)   |
Nuchette Black-Burke,  Chief of Community Outreach & Summer Enrichment