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EMR Certification Program
Bristol School District
Grade level/Age Range of Students in Program:  Students rising to grade 11 and 12.

Primary Student Needs Program is Designed to Address

The primary purpose of the program is to provide students enrolled in the high school Allied Health Pathway an opportunity to gain an additional certification.  Since this pathway leads to certification in both EMR and CNA and achieving both during the regular school year alone is difficult, students who take the summer program can exit high school with the opportunity to gain certification in both areas. 

This summer program can be viewed as an extension of the school year program.   

Most Innovative or Successful Elements of the Program

The entire Allied Health Pathway is designed to enable students to graduate from high school and quickly gain certification in any number of allied health occupations such at EMR or CNA.  An analysis of the local job market indicates that for a graduate to live independently in the area they need to find employment that pays approximately $27/hour.  Since these positions are in that range of pay, the idea is to create as many opportunities as possible for these students by preparing them for as many options as possible.  This summer program allows the students who attend to graduate with at least two viable options.  

How Are the Outcomes of the Program Measured

The ultimate assessment of the success of the program is students passing the certification assessment for the related position.  To date every student in the program has passed the assessment.  To focus specifically on the summer component of the program, the staff compares the performance of those students who attended the summer program to those who did not both in terms of their proficiency within any pathway and the number of certifications they are prepared for.  

Operational Features

The program operates from July 6 to August 17, Monday through Thursday from 8am until 1pm.  

There is no transportation provided, as the program was held at Bristol Schools.

The community partner is Tunxis Community College. The primary function of Tunxis is to allow the program to utilize their simulation laboratory and their certified trainers. 

Staff Selection/Recruitment Procedures

A teacher from the Allied Health Pathway during the regular school year teaches the class along with certified trainers from Tunxis Community College. 

Student Selection/Recruitment Procedures

The program is open to any student enrolled in the Allied Health Pathway.  However, teachers from the program and guidance counselors encourage individual students.  This summer there are 16 students enrolled in the program.  

Program Contact
Jaime Rechenberg   |