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Strategic Plan 2018-2021




To lead the continuous improvement of public education for all students by advocating public policy for children and by developing and supporting executive school leaders.

By many measures, the state of Connecticut public education has never been stronger.  In the 2018 Quality Counts Report, Education Week ranked Connecticut 5th out of the 50 states in terms of its overall education quality.  Connecticut education leaders are in demand to present at regional and national conferences, and some have become the subject of research articles and featured in books.  In 2017, the state’s school districts collectively graduated 87.9 percent of the state’s high school students in four years, a record high and the cumulative result of seven straight years of increases.  Throughout the state, public school districts are accomplishing remarkable feats, innovating in how we organize schools, deliver instruction, and design high-quality learning supports—and always putting students first.

Yet it is also the case that Connecticut’s public education system faces challenges.  State and local municipal financial crises have led to dramatic cuts in essential services, and future budgets are in question.  Student populations continue to shrink in much of the state and the demographic characteristics of Connecticut’s students have significantly changed.  And despite strong relative performance in comparison to many states, too many CT students graduate unprepared for the dynamic and ever-changing challenges of college, career, and citizenship.  A teacher shortage in many areas of certification threatens the quality of the workforce. And there are vast inequities in opportunities, experiences, and outcomes across and within districts.

These issues are of great importance to the future of Connecticut and its citizenry.  Public schools remain a central and essential institution, preparing our youth for ever-changing economic, social and civic demands.  Public schools and districts will help determine the kind of state and nation we will be.

The Connecticut Association of Public-School Superintendents (CAPSS) is the statewide organization dedicated to the professional and educational advocacy concerns of superintendents and executive district leaders in service of improving the lives and learning of all children. CAPSS will advance a bold vision of student learning, organizational improvement, and executive district leadership, one that can guide the practice of the profession and deepen public debates and push toward a sound policy that supports outcomes beneficial to our students and in line with CAPSS’ strategic priorities.  In addition, CAPSS will provide high-quality and high-impact services to its membership, making sure superintendents and executive district leaders obtain necessary technical assistance and professional learning.