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Connecticut’s educators have the preparation and ongoing support needed to implement student-centered, mastery-based education.

Why is this important?

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Effective educators have a dramatic impact on learning. By some estimates, having a great teacher for two years in a row can push an average student to the 96th achievement percentile.19 Effective principals also have an impact by organizing schools focused on learning, by supporting and strengthening classroom teachers, and ensuring students have the resources they need to learn.20  Successful superintendents set strong goals, align resources with those goals, while providing principals and teachers with the autonomy to achieve those goals.21 To remain effective, educators need strong preparation and credentialing programs and time for ongoing professional learning. Principals and district leaders must ensure schools have the resources to create an environment focused on learning.22

Student-centered teaching is a cultural shift involving virtually every aspect of what goes on in a school and district.

The Core Elements of Teaching Practice in Student-Centered Learning*

* Teachers at Work; Six Exemplars of Everyday Practice; Barbara Cervone and Kathleen Cushman, The Students at the Center Series.


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