ESSER II and ARP ESSER Advisor and Thought Partners

A cadre of retired superintendents serves as ESSER Advisors to districts in need of support in using the ESSER funds.  There is no cost to a district.  

The role of the ESSER Advisors is to advise and help you, e.g., with determining priorities, engaging in systemic planning, program development, high-leverage strategies, establishing a process for internal accountability, identifying resources, and more.  These Advisors are not coaches, nor are they accountable for how dollars are spent.  The oversight for the latter is the SDE. Instead, they will work with you and your team as you think through how to make the best use of these federal dollars in alignment with the SDE priority areas.  

It may be that you need only a few hours to receive feedback on your plans, or you desire more long-term support.

If you believe an ESSER Advisor would be helpful to you, please e-mail Fran Rabinowitz or Terry Carroll.