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Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning Virtual Workshop
Thursday, May 20, 2021
12:45 pm to 2:15 pm

Presented by:
CT Teachers’ Retirement
Consulting Services, LLC
Bill Sudol Owner/Director

Prior to his retirement in June 2003, Bill Sudol served as the Administrator of the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement Board (CTRB).  Before becoming the TRB Administrator, Bill served as the Assistant Administrator from 1980 to 1997.  Bill joined TRB in 1970 immediately following his graduation from Northeastern University and served in a variety of professional positions during his tenure with CTRB. Bill has been recognized by The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) and the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) for his efforts on behalf of teachers.  He has presented numerous workshops on retirement and has frequently testified before the Connecticut Legislature in support of legislation to improve benefits to active and retired teachers.

He brings his extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement System to help teachers better understand their retirement system.  Through his 33- year career at CTRB, he has personally counseled and advised thousands of teachers in matters pertaining to their retirement.  He plans to continue to provide these services to teachers and administrators through the State Teachers’ Retirement Consulting Services, LLC.

A ZOOM link will be sent to you prior to this session.