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CAPSS Mentor for First-Year Superintendent

CAPSS will arrange for a mentor for any first-year superintendent who would like this support. The mentor will be a superintendent in the same general geographic area for ease of meeting; however, mentoring may also occur via telephone. Mentoring is focused on a current, experienced superintendent helping a new superintendent respond to situations by sharing his/her own experience in dealing with similar situations. Mentoring is usually an informal process that is not based on pre-established goals or objectives and does not follow a pre-established schedule or agenda. Rather, it is a process that is determined by the needs of the new superintendent as they arise. In effect, the mentor is there when the new superintendent needs him/her. Mentoring works best when there is a collegial relationship based on mutual respect and usually quickly evolves into both collegiality and friendship. Mentoring becomes a supporter, encourager, colleague, and friend. Your area chair will contact you to arrange a mentor.