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Issue 53: March 2019

Workspace Education: A Creative Approach to Competency – and Project-Based Science
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Project-based learning is one of the most promising and scalable strategies for enabling deeper learning available to most schools across the nation. Particularly when centered around extended challenges, PBL helps students develop skills and mindsets that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

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10 Ways To Give Students More Control Of Their Education
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Allowing students to be involved and take control of their education gives them the tools to be much more successful.

As educators, the idea of giving students control can seem like a crazy move, but it actually gives them ownership in their learning. Relinquishing control in some areas of the classroom makes students more receptive to instruction, keeps them engaged in what they’re learning, and makes them more willing to take on challenges.

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Shift Your Paradigm: What Does Learner-Centered Leadership Look Like? (Part 1)
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Do learner-centered leaders lead differently? Absolutely. And, the Shift Your Paradigm episodes have led us to reflect on all the possible ways.

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What Does a Rigorous Task Look Like?

The more complex a problem is and the more reasoning required to get to a solution, the deeper the level of thinking and learning. When it comes to designing assessments, if there’s only one way to do something, that’s less complex. While there’s certainly room for questions that have only one answer and test the foundational knowledge and skills we need students to master, we must focus on the level of rigor, too: providing students the opportunity to figure it out, not just look it up.

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