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Issue 52: February 2019

Making Equity a Priority: Lessons Learned in Planning and Implementing Personalized Learning for All Students
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On January 23, 2019 Future Ready Schools® (FRS) held a webinar that is part the ongoing professional learning opportunities for school and district leaders. In this webinar, Jerry Almendarez and Dr Kim Buryanek, discussed their participation in the Future Ready Schools Digital Equity Program and their efforts to use technology to address inequities among their district’s underperforming students.

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All Student-Centered Learning Begins with One Person
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Student-centered learning suggests that learning starts in the hands of students. That’s not so. Any learner-centered environment is the product of careful analysis and planning, which always begins with one person: the teacher.

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Four Strategies for the Successful Integration of Social-Emotional Learning and Personalized Learning
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What it means to be college- and career-ready is changing.

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How do Schools Train for a Workplace that Doesn’t Exist Yet?
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As part of the Hechinger Report’s Map to the Middle Class project, a readers asks: Not knowing what tasks will be automated or what future jobs will look like, how should schools prepare students now?

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