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Issue 51: January 2019

How to Design a Competency-Based Assessment
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How might a focus on skills instead of content change the way we design assessments? The promise of competency-based learning is a learning environment that better reflects the world our students are preparing to enter. Designing competency-based assessments is about creating opportunities for demonstration of important skills in authentic contexts. 


Charting the Course: Recommendations to Support A Long-Term Plan For K-12 Education Transformation to Competency-Based Education Systems

Creating policies that are student-centered and are fit for the purpose of an education system in which every student can succeed requires us to challenge commonly-held assumptions about what learning “should” look like. Continuously improving on the goals of the education system, including the role of teacher and students, the use of time, the purpose and nature of assessments, the allocation of resources, learning model designs and the role of schools within the broader context of the community, is necessary for lasting change.


Eastern Carver County School District: A Conversation with Brenda Vogds and Brian Beresford
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Learner-centered leaders Brenda Vogds and Brian Beresford discuss their approach to transforming learning for students.


In Reflection: Eight Lessons Learned Over the Past Decade

Chris Sturgis reflects on competency-based education in part two of this three-part series.


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