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Issue 50: December 2018

Talking with Families About Transcripts and Grading in a Personalized, Competency-Based Environment

A transcript from a personalized, competency-based system has the potential to be not only a truly accurate reflection of what a student knows, but also makes learning transparent to all stakeholders – including families. Parents have many questions, and one of their concerns is the impact the shift will have on their child’s chances at getting into college.

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Is Assessment Ready to Move Beyond Standardized Tests? These MIT Researchers Think So
Closeup of pencil coloring multiple choice exam options
© Eric Von Seggern / ShutterStock

In recent years, educators have spent countless collective hours designing, experimenting with and implementing new kinds of learning experiences for students—learning experiences that are fun, engaging and formative. But assessments haven’t evolved at the same pace.

As a result, there is a disconnect between what schools value and what they measure. But it’s a tough nut to crack, because many of the skills and characteristics treasured most are in fact the hardest to evaluate.

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Moving Toward Mastery: Growing, Developing and Sustaining Educators for Competency-Based Education – Webinar 1/9
iNacol webinar image

iNACOL’s new publication, Moving Toward Mastery: Growing, Developing and Sustaining Educators for Competency-Based Education, re-envisions professional practice, learning and development for educators in competency-based education.

As school districts transition to new, more powerful student-centered learning models, it’s critical that educators leading the transformative practice are equipped for their new roles. Moving Toward Mastery describes a teaching profession that is equity-oriented, learning-centered and lifelong; it recommends 15 strategies that can help school districts successfully make this paradigm shift.

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After Early Results, Personalized Learning Is 'Quickly Becoming District-Wide' in Dallas
Girl using touch-screen computer
A student at Dan D. Rogers Elementary, one of the Dallas Independent School District's "wall-to-wall" personalized learning schools. © Dallas ISD

Students at Dan D. Rogers Elementary School in Texas get an unusual introduction to technology. As they transition from first grade, to second, to third, their classroom devices change, too… Personalized learning is core to the model at Rogers Elementary, and Kristen Watkins, director of the personalized learning program at Dallas Independent School District, says that exposing students to multiple devices is an intentional part of the school’s approach.

But technology is only one part of it. The school also incorporates projects, flexible environments and student-led learning into its model.

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