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Issue 48: October 2018

Student Profile: A Personalized Experience
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Follow a student focused on goals: setting, planning, and persisting. Craig Gastauer is working to bring students and teachers together at the design table so that they may co-create relevant, authentic, and meaningful learning experiences. 

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Why Are We Still Personalizing Learning If It’s Not Personal?
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It makes perfect sense why there is a push for personalized learning in our schools. It is a well-intentioned response to the standardized curriculum and instructional practices that date back to the last century. As an ideal, personalized learning aims to provide instructional experiences tailored to each learner’s preferences and interests, and at a pace appropriate to their needs.

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2 The PL Graduate

Student achievement is at the center of all work, and the driver of all decisions. Campuses identify what competencies students need to succeed and provide students with the tools and opportunities to be self-directed on their pathway to success…

The PL Toolbox

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Helpful Tools For Providing Effective Competency-Based Education
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Take a look at the sampling of tools that represent some of the best CBE-capable edtech in the areas of learning platforms/learning management systems, curriculum resources, assessment/reporting, and platforms that fall outside of these categories...

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