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Issue 44: June 2018

The Westminster Public Schools Competency Based System (CBS)

What is CBS? from Westminster Public Schools on Vimeo.

The Westminster Public Schools Competency Based System (CBS) recognizes that every child learns differently, and their learning should be personalized so they are engaged at all times.
CBS requires students to show mastery of learning topics before moving on to the next level. This approach allows some students to progress quicker, while others may take more time to learn. The end goal is that students are prepared for the all-important day after graduation.

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Meeting Students Where They Are

Meeting Students Where They Are, written by Antonia Rudenstine, Sydney Schaef, Dixie Bacallao and Sarah Hakani of reDesign, provides school and district leaders with an in-depth exploration of the relational, pedagogical and structural dimensions of meeting students where they are in K-12 competency-based education systems.

Competency-based education models, designed to ensure equity for all students, are gaining momentum nationally. Central to CBE is a commitment to meet students where they are. The report provides strategies for practitioners in K-12 competency-based models to meet students where they are on a variety of dimensions and maximize the potential of each student's unique skills and interests.

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Rethinking the High School Credential

by Tom Vander Ark

Most American youth don't get what they need from high school. There are lots of reasons—some economic, some cultural, some educational. Two root problems are how we've defined the finish line (graduation requirements) and how we communicate success (transcript). 

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Equity and Opportunity: Closing the Achievement Gap

This literature review provides extensive information on building equity and opportunity to close achievement gaps that then leads to more personalized learning for students.  

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