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CAPSS Business Partner Program

partnership levels

BASIC: $1,500

We are in the process of restructuring our Business Partner levels to adjust to changes in our programs and practices during the COVID pandemic. We appreciate your patience, and further details will be made available soon.

At this time only a Basic level will be offered, and most of the benefits at the Basic level remain the same as listed below. We invite any new partners to join at this level, and these fees can be applied to any additional fees under the new program.

Basic Partnership - $1,500

  • Introduction/announcement of partner to all CAPSS’ members by CAPSS’ Executive Director in the Leader’s Report (CAPSS’ weekly newsletter emailed to all members) and CAPSS’ website home page and news feed.
  • Logo hyperlink to partner’s website in CAPSS' Leader’s Report (weekly newsletter).
  • Added to the distribution list of CAPSS' Leader’s Report.
  • Logo hyperlink to partner’s website from CAPSS’ website;  includes company profile and contact information.
  • Likes/Follow on Partner’s Facebook/Twitter accounts from CAPSS’ accounts.

The benefits for partners still under contract with CAPSS will remain the same.

Effective as of July 10, 2020



Businesses, organizations and individuals interested in a Partnership with CAPSS  may initiate inquiries with:

Paulien K. Rorick
Staff Associate for Digital Communications
(860) 236-8640 x170

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