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CAPSS has restructured our Business Partner Program to adjust to changes necessary in our practices during the continued COVID pandemic. All of our professional learning opportunities are now held through ZOOM meetings, and no in-person conferences or meetings are being held at this time. Should circumstances allow us to continue with in-person meetings in the future, all Partners will be notified of any potential additional opportunities at that time.

We currently offer two levels of support, Partner and Associate, as detailed below.

In April of 2021, we will start offering additional advertising opportunities on our website. Our Partners will get early notification of these opportunities, most of which will be limited.

Partner ($1,500 Annual Fee)

A Partner’s exclusive benefits (not available to an Associate) are listed below; additional benefits (listed under Associate) may also be purchased. Some benefits will be limited**.

  • Listing on Partner page of website (includes contact information and link to Partner’s website)
  • Welcome on Home page News Feed (also appears on News page) and Leader’s Report (weekly newsletter)
  • Logo hyperlink to Partner’s website in CAPSS’ Leader’s Report
  • Mailing list of CAPSS membership (names and addresses only; will be provided in a Word document format)
  • Added to distribution list of Leader’s Report
  • Prior notification (before Associates) of all available benefits (listed under ASSOCIATE below)
  • Prior notification (before Associates) of any new opportunities throughout the year
  • Likes/Follow on Facebook & Twitter; retweets if information is relevant to our members
  • Sign in CAPSS' boardroom with partner's contact information.

Associate ($0 Annual Fee)

An Associate (as well as our Partners) may purchase any of the benefits listed below. Some benefits will be limited**.

  • News Feed article on Home page of website -- will also appear on News page (monthly)
  • Article in Leader’s Report newsletter -- limited to bi-monthly submittals and to six Partners/Associates in each period**
  • ZOOM meeting: CAPSS will share your ZOOM meeting with our members via a direct email and post it on our Calendar page

Vendor Directory

Our Vendor Directory is open to anyone and has no limits. Offered on an annual basis only, you may place a monthly advertisement in the directory for an annual fee. Once you’ve subscribed to an annual advertisement, you have the option of purchasing a Featured Listing ad for an additional yearly fee. Both advertisements may be changed on a monthly basis.

Please contact Paulien Rorick for additional information.
Effective as of June 1, 2021


Businesses, organizations and individuals interested in a Partnership with CAPSS  may initiate inquiries with:

Paulien K. Rorick
Staff Associate for Digital Communications
(860) 236-8640 x170


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