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— Who We Are —

The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) is a statewide nonprofit educational administration organization whose membership includes Connecticut public school superintendents, assistant superintendents, central office administrative personnel, state department of education officials, and college and university professors.

CAPSS provides educational and administrative leadership on a state and national level; it researches, gathers, and disseminates data and information necessary for the management and operation of effective school systems; it monitors state and federal legislative activity and strives to influence positive laws and regulations affecting the education of Connecticut’s public school students.

CAPSS also provides personal support services for its members and is a strong voice and staunch advocate of quality public school education.

— Our Mission —

Our mission is to lead the continuous improvement of public education for all students by advocating public policy and developing and supporting executive school leaders. In short, we are committed to making sure schools in Connecticut are all they can be for our children.

CAPSS' partnership Program

— Partnership Benefits —

Our Partnership Program offers opportunities for companies, organizations and individuals to connect with our 350+ members throughout the year. Our partners will have the ability to introduce products and services to our members for consideration, promote brand awareness through recognition in weekly Leader’s Report newsletter and our website, obtain discounts on select benefits, be apprised of new opportunities as they occur, and more.

CAPSS’  Business Partner Program is in effect for one year from date payment is received and is open to any business whose products and values align with our mission.


— More Information —




Businesses, organizations and individuals interested in a Partnership with CAPSS  may initiate inquiries with:

Paulien K. Rorick
Staff Associate for Digital Communications
(860) 236-8640 x170

Effective as of July 18, 2023