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CAPSS Business Partner Program


CAPSS supports superintendents' interests in ensuring that schools and students have access to the best educational programs, products and services. Our Partners support these efforts by introducing a wide variety of products and services to our members for consideration, leading to greater opportunities for students. A profile of each of our partners, along with links to their website and contact information, is listed below.


Audio Enhancement logo

Audio Enhancement, Inc. began 40 years ago when a mother wanted to create equal learning opportunities for her hearing-impaired sons and all students in the classroom. Today, we continue her mission by creating innovative technology that promotes more effective classrooms. Audio Enhancement’s classroom solutions include a Classroom Audio System, SAFE System, classroom cameras, and Intercom, Paging, and Bells. Through these solutions, Audio Enhancement promotes student success, increases teacher development, and improves administrative efficiency.

Jeff Anderson
(800) 383-9362

Right At School logo

Right At School provides safe, engaging, and meaningful before and after school programs to inspire a love of learning, support schools, and give parents peace of mind. Our highly trained local educators ignite afterschool joy and community for 35,000 students in 440 schools across the country -- all at NO cost to districts. Parents love our affordable, flexible options, and kids have a blast with our Disguised LearningTM  curriculum, enjoying hands-on FUN in STEM, SEL, fitness, homework help, service learning, and more every day Right At School! For more information, visit:

Erreick Stewart
Director of School Partnerships
(413) 270-0268


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt logo

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is a global learning company dedicated to changing people's lives by fostering passionate, curious learners. As a leading provider of pre-K-12 education content, services and cutting-edge technology solutions, HMH is uniquely positioned to create engaging and effective experiences from early childhood to beyond the classroom.

Massimo Rubini
Director of Sales
(845) 745-6944


Logo for Shipman & Goodwin LLP, Counselors at Law

Shipman & Goodwin LLP has more than 170 attorneys with five offices in Connecticut, an office in New York and Washington, D.C. The firm is recognized nationally for the depth and breadth of our education practice. Our school law attorneys represent over 125 public school districts and educational entities. Our online resource, is dedicated to presenting the latest developments in school law.

Thomas B. Mooney, Esq.


CT Alliance of YMCAs logo

The Connecticut Alliance of YMCAs is comprised of 21 YMCAs, each volunteer led, a charitable organization and a powerful advocate for the needs of children, families and individuals in communities throughout Connecticut. We have provided over $11 million dollars in Financial Assistance to support youth, adults and families who choose to participate in YMCA programs, regardless of their age, gender, income or background, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in a program which promotes youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. In 2018 YMCAs supported 14,910 children through after school/enrichment programs, 128,920 youth experienced values based programs at YMCAs in Connecticut. Also 4,967 children enrolled in the Y's preschool enrichment programs.

The YMCA is dedicated to nurturing the potential of every child and teen in our communities.

David Hayward
Strategic Consultant
Connecticut Alliance of YMCAs
(312) 835-2225


PARS logo_lr

For over 35 years, PARS has worked exclusively with school districts and other public agencies to design and implement strategic retirement solutions that address specific organizational and budgetary needs. We are the national leader in customized, locally controlled voluntary separation incentives and also administer one of the largest and fastest growing OPEB trust programs in New England.

Kathryn Cannie
Senior Consultant
(617) 549-6555

Antinozzi logo_4C

Founded in 1956, Antinozzi Associates is celebrating over 60 years of Design Leadership in Architecture and Interior Design. Our firm has been a leader in institutional design with a focus on K-12 public school design, working with countless municipalities throughout Connecticut, and completing hundreds of school projects during this time.

The experience we have gained in educational design has allowed our team to learn new methodologies and bring new design thinking to each project in regard to developing 21st Century Learning Environments, implementing a collaborative design process to meet budget and schedule, and creating attractive (yet functional) school spaces.

F. Michael Ayles, FAIA
Principal, Business Development
(203) 551-2422

IXL logo

IXL's K-12 personalized learning platform is used by more than 8 million students. Our comprehensive, Connecticut State Standards-aligned curriculum adapts to each student and provides specific guidance that targets their learning needs. With the Continuous Diagnostic and IXL Analytics, teachers have the insights they need to improve student performance in the classroom and on high-stakes assessments.

Brad Onken
Connecticut Educational Consultant
(781) 777-3517

College Board logo

The College Board is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity.
Founded in 1900, the College Board was created to expand access to higher education. Today, the membership association is made up of over 6,000 of the world's leading educational institutions and is dedicated to promoting excellence and equity in education.

Alan Bernstein
(781) 663-2736

Equitable logo

The key to a comfortable retirement starts with you! At Equitable, we understand the challenges that come with retirement planning, and are committed to helping you through every stage of life. Whether you are beginning your career, changing jobs, or nearing retirement, you can count on Equitable to help you reach your savings goals. As the #1 provider of 403(b) plans in K-12, we have the experience to make an impact on your financial future. With Equitable, you're not just investing in a 403(b); you're working with a company with a background of nearly 160 years in financial planning support.

Mike Linehan
Northeast Regional Vice President
Equitable Group Retirement


Established in 1924, DATTCO, Inc. is a third-generation family-owned business headquartered in New Britain, Connecticut. The School Bus Division serves New England school systems utilizing approximately 1,300 buses and transporting over 110,000 students. We have an excellent safety record built on a quality driver-­training program and school-based safety training for students. Our state-of-the-­art routing services provide opportunities to develop efficient routes to maximize savings. The Motor Coach Division, with 200 vehicles, specializes in providing personal and group travel services. In addition, DATTCO is New England's top bus dealer and leader in vehicle service including fleet and collision repair services.

Cliff Gibson
Chief Operating Officer

M&J Bus Inc logo

M&J Bus, Inc. is a family-owned and operated school bus transportation business based in Old Saybrook, CT. M&J presently serves 24 school districts throughout Connecticut, with over 600 vehicles on the road each day. M&J is known for its commitment to safety and customer service, as well as being a company where its employees are appreciated and love to work.

Jon Hipsher
Chief Operating Officer

Oak Hill School logo

Oak Hill School is a private, state approved, special education school serving students ages 3-21. Programming in our classrooms focuses on teaching academic, social and daily living skills with an ultimate goal of making our students more independent in life. Our mission is to empower students to learn through meaningful, functional, and innovative educational experiences. Our classrooms are located within community settings, including public school, to allow for maximum integration opportunities based on the age and needs of the students. Oak Hill, our parent organization, provides a full range of services to individuals with disabilities.

Ana Wittig
Chief Administrator


Businesses, organizations and individuals interested in a Partnership with CAPSS  may initiate inquiries with:

Paulien K. Rorick
Staff Associate for Digital Communications
(860) 236-8640 x170

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