Issue #19: March 2016  

This issue of News & Updates includes:

This issue of News & Updates includes our staff list of valuable websites for educators interested in student-centered learning and personalized learning. 
We recommend that you bookmark the websites and visit them often. Many of the sites have places for educators to sign up for regular notices. The text in quotes and italics is from the website in that section.

Students at the Center Hub


Nellie Mae Foundation

Education Reimagined

Great Schools Partnership


Students at the Center Hub

The Students at the Center Hub is a resource for educators, families, students and communities wanting to learn more about research, best practices, supportive policies, and how to talk about student-centered approaches to learning. The Students at the Center Hub is managed by Jobs for the Future and generously funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. 


"CompetencyWorks is an online resource dedicated to providing information and knowledge about competency education in the K-12 education system. Drawing on lessons learned by innovators and early adopters, CompetencyWorks shares original research, knowledge and a variety of perspectives through an informative blog with practitioner knowledge, policy advancements, papers on emerging issues and a wiki with resources curated from across the field. CompetencyWorks also offers a blog on competency education in higher education so that the sectors can learn from each other and begin to align systems across K-12, higher education and the workplace."

Visit CompetencyWorks regularly. The blogs are a reason for any educator to visit this website regularly.  Chris Sturgis writes blogs about her observations of schools and districts in the midst of transformation work. The information in the blogs provides valuable insights to any practitioner. In addition, there are regular blogs from educators and valuable research reports. 

Nellie Mae Foundation

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation supports efforts to re-shape our education system to be more student-centered.

"We envision an education system where learning transcends the traditional school calendar and setting. We envision a system where students progress based upon mastery of a skill or topic, rather than time spent in a classroom.

And hey - students shouldn't be bored in the classroom. Let's reshape our system so that learning is personalized, and students have a true voice in their education."

The Nellie Mae Foundation website is a rich source of research and documentation of practice.Bookmark this website. 

Education Reimagined

"A new future of learning."

"Through our vision, we see our school-centered education system transformed into a truly learner-centered one. It is a future with thriving learners surrounded by engaged and empowered parents, educators, and communities. We offer our vision as a beacon for all those dedicated to transforming education in America."

Visit the Education Reimagined website, and while you're there sign up to get their free magazine. The monthly publication is worth your time.

Great Schools Partnership

"About the Great Schools Partnership"

The Great Schools Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school-support organization working to redesign public education and improve learning for all students. We are a team of passionate, committed educators and school leaders who bring decades of collective service in public schools.

Working at all levels of the education system, from the classroom to the statehouse, the Great Schools Partnership provides school coaching, professional development, and technical assistance to educators, schools, districts, organizations, and government agencies. We also create tools and resources for educators, administer public and private grant programs, and coordinate large-scale school-improvement initiatives for foundations and states. ...

The Great Schools Partnership is a National Affiliate Center of the Coalition of Essential Schools, a technical-service provider for the U.S. Department of Education, and the lead coordinator of the New England Secondary School Consortium and League of Innovative Schools.

An equitable, rigorous, and personalized education system that prepares every student for college, careers, and global citizenship.

Develop and advocate for sustainable educational policies, effective school leadership, proven instructional practices, and student-centered learning models built on strong community connections.

Core Beliefs

  • Every student deserves to be held to high expectations.
  • High-quality teaching and learning is every student's right, every day.
  • A collegiate education must be an accessible and attainable option for every student who has earned a high school diploma.
  • Schools must model civic responsibility, social justice, and multicultural understanding."

The Great Schools Partnership website contains tools that staff of the partnership uses in helping schools transform themselves. In addition, visit sections with Leadership in Action Briefs as well as the Education glossary.  The web site will be valuable at all stages of the transformation work. 


"Personalized learning should be a system-level reality rather than an occasional success story. At KnowledgeWorks, they are creating tools for states and districts interested in fundamentally transforming learning and moving towards student-centered systems.  KnowledgeWorks studies the trends shaping our world and helps education leaders plan for the future of learning. How might changes in the broader landscape affect what learning looks like in ten years? KnowledgeWorks explores the future of learning to help education leaders and innovators anticipate change, explore strategic possibilities and identify ways of creating better opportunities for all learners."

The section on the future of learning on the KnowledgeWorks website provides forecasts of education in ten years. 

To lead the continuous improvement of public education for all students by advocating public policy for children and by developing and supporting executive school leaders.



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