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To address historical inequities in Connecticut’s public education system and provide all students with equal educational experiences, CAPSS has released the CAPSS Blueprint to Transform Connecticut’s Public Schools, which includes 30 recommendations the organization deems critical to Connecticut public education over the next 15 years and beyond.

The CAPSS Blueprint’s recommendations touch on every financial, educational and operational aspect of schooling, with the aim of equitable funding, economies of scale, and resources for all school districts.



Joint Statement from Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona, CAPSS Executive Director Fran Rabinowitz and CABE Executive Director Bob Rader on Addressing Issues of Intolerance

In light of several recent high profile acts of racism involving students in our Connecticut schools, we want to take this opportunity to state unequivocally that all children deserve to be educated in a safe environment where they do not feel threatened regardless of their race, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, nationality, status of citizenship, or sexual orientation.  It is our core responsibility as educators to do everything we can to foster environments that ensure equity, diversity and inclusion.  In fact, the diversity in our state is one of our greatest strengths.  Research indicates that when our students are introduced to diversity at a young age, implicit biases are not only reduced, but we see stronger social skills and respect on all levels.

Together, the CT State Department of Education (CSDE), the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) and the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) share a sense of urgency to proactively address issues of intolerance.  This is our priority.  We plan to work together to ensure districts are supported and have the necessary tools needed to promote environments safe from bias.  Preparing students to become productive members of society includes teaching about respecting diversity and creating a sense of community.

Below are links to resources for districts to consider as they continue this work.  However, links alone will not accomplish the important work ahead.  Many districts are already paving the way and we will be reaching out to them to share “evolving practices.”  In addition, leaders from CSDE, CAPSS and CABE will be meeting together soon to identify steps we plan to take in collaboration to provide resources, guidance, and technical assistance for districts.  

Together, as leaders, let’s embrace this opportunity to create learning environments where all students feel valued, respected, and safe to learn and grow.

Miguel A. Cardona, Ed.D.
Commissioner of Education

Frances M. Rabinowitz
Executive Director, CAPSS

Robert Rader
Executive Director, CABE


“Avoiding Racial Equity Detours” - Paul Gorski, EdChange

 “The Critical Work of Racial Identity Development” - Dr. Daren Graves presentation to CSDE

State Education Resource Center’s (SERC) “Equity in Education: A Transformational Approach to Teaching and Learning”

The National Education Association’s (NEA) online resources for teachers, students and parents to help engage in a dialogue about racism, hate and violence

Too often we hear about Board of Education members and Superintendents in serious conflict. Sadly, such has been the case over the last few weeks in two of Connecticut’s largest school districts. Do we all understand the serious detrimental impact this has on the very students these systems serve? Are we aware of how this deepens the pervasive achievement gap? As we celebrate the birth of our country, let’s remember that our country is built on a sound education experience for every child. Surely, if the adults responsible for the children in their care continue to engage in public conflict, they deny students their inalienable right to learn in a school community with dignity and respect...

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Strategic Plan graphic for post

CAPSS will advance a bold vision of student learning, organizational improvement, and executive district leadership, one that can guide the practice of the profession and deepen public debates and push toward a sound policy that supports outcomes beneficial to our students and in line with CAPSS’ strategic priorities.  In addition, CAPSS will provide high-quality and high-impact services to its membership, making sure superintendents and executive district leaders obtain necessary technical assistance and professional learning.

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Fran Rabinowitz, Executive Director of CAPSS, and Abdul-Rahmaan Muhammad, Executive Director of My People Clinical Services, shown receiving The 2018 Champion of Children Award presented to Connecticut leaders who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to improving the lives of impoverished and vulnerable children in our state.

Dr. Rabinowitz was honored by the Center for Children's Advocacy at their Spring for Kids Connecticut Champion of Children Awards at Infinity Music Hall in Hartford on Tuesday evening.

Complete Press Release

Rob Rader, Executive Director, CABE, and Fran Rabinowitz, Executive Director, CAPSS, were recently interviewed on Fox 61, The Real Story, discussing ideas for making Connecticut schools safer. Watch the interview (above).

Representatives from CAPSS, the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) and the Connecticut Education Association (CEA), Hartford, joined together with superintendents, teachers and students at a press conference in East Hartford High School today to express concern and anger for the lack of progress made by politicians in combating gun violence in schools and to call for legislative change following the events in Florida last week.

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