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On behalf of Connecticut’s public schools, we urge providers of educational software (“operators”) of the impending deadline of July 1, 2018 to comply with all aspects of our state statutes (§§ 10-234aa through 10-234dd) concerning the collection, use, ownership, protection, and retention of student data. Failure to do so will result in schools abandoning the use of products offered by companies that do not comply with the requirements of our laws.

Connecticut statutes define the measures that any company in possession of student data must follow to protect the integrity and security of that information. Contracts (broadly understood to include written contracts as well as online “Terms of Service,” “Privacy,” and other policies) must include specific assurances from operators, including the following:

• Acknowledge that they do not own the student data they collect and store
• Provide a means by which customers (boards of education, students, and parents) can delete or correct errors in their data
• Will not use student data for purposes other than those defined in the contract
• Notify both customers as well as students and families of data breaches

To assist operators in complying with these and all other requirements defined in our state’s laws, the Connecticut State Commission for Educational Technology has provided a straightforward and easy-to-use platform, the Connecticut Educational Software Hub. From that site, operators can review and digitally sign the Connecticut Student Data Privacy Pledge, which lists “Pledged” products in an online directory that district leaders use to find compliant products. Operators may simply use the Pledge as a contract rider or addendum to achieve compliance. Learn more about the solution and our statutes at the following site:

We underscore the importance of complying with our state student data privacy statutes. As of July 1 of next year, all contracts that do not comply with our laws will be considered void. Many districts have already begun looking for alternatives to the non-compliant software they currently use. We urge software providers interested in serving Connecticut schools to visit the above Web site, agree to the Connecticut Student Data Privacy Pledge, and ensure that their contractual language aligns with all aspects of our laws as soon as possible.