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Unique Summit for Women Superintendents

I wanted to reach out to you personally to share what looks like an exceptional opportunity. It’s a   one-of-a kind summit for women superintendents July 21–24 in Austin, TX. It's called Educator Power Trip: A Well-Being and Leadership Summit for Women Superintendents. The entire venue, Lake Austin Spa Resort, has been secured for this event

You may already have been sent an invitation via email, but we all know how things get lost in the deluge of incoming mail, blocked by a web filter, or fall into spam.
The event, for just 30 attendees, is organized by an advisory board of women leaders in education and stakeholders in national education organizations.
We can all use a little work-life balance, and this summit will be a unique way for women district leaders to explore and practice wellness as an integral part of their personal effectiveness in driving change.
Take a look at the website below. You’ll find complete details as well as a convenient way to register.