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Student 5.0: A Postsecondary Planning & Support Program for Class of '21 Graduates

For Grads In Need of a Plan!

Applications are now being accepted for Student 5.0, a free program for just-graduated seniors to find their way to success!

Program participants work virtually with a peer mentor -- a young adult who has recently navigated the postsecondary transition -- to connect their skills and interests to attainable goals. A key element of Student 5.0 is the ongoing support peer mentors provide, because once the plan is created there can be significant need for ongoing support to put the plan into practice!


Student 5.0 peer mentors are uniquely situated to offer this support, particularly for participants from high-need, vulnerable communities. Often, peer mentors and participants find they have shared experiences and things in common. With a real eye on meeting the participant where he or she is, the experience results in a true partnership between the peer mentor and the participant while exploring:   
•    career research
•    college/training program enrollment
•    financial aid forms
•    job interview readiness
•    resume writing
•    personal budgeting
•    and more, including an opportunity to earn a $200 e-gift card!

Learn more about the Student 5.0 program and apply by following this link.

Student 5.0 is operated by ReadyCT, a Connecticut nonprofit working to advance academic excellence and career-connected learning.

NOTE TO SUPERINTENDENTS: You can copy/paste the text above for distribution to Class of '21 graduates and their families. Contact with questions. You can also raise awareness through social media engagement with @readyCTED.