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Information about Child Tax Credit and Economic Impact Payment

As you’re probably aware, the American Rescue Plan Act has added another round of stimulus and additional moneys available to individuals, but they all require filing taxes. It is a LOT of money. For a parent with two children with income less than $75,000 that means (3 x $1400) for the stimulus plus (2 x $3000) for each child over 6 years old (for children under 6 years old, it’s $3600 for the year) for a total of $10,200 for the year. If they did not collect the stimulus last year, it could be over $15000. The Child Tax Credit is fully refundable, and will be paid out monthly beginning in July. Also, this year, the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit is fully refundable, which will benefit many more families than last year’s version.

The Earned Income Tax hasn’t gotten as much attention, but it has also been strengthened. It’s now open to individuals over 19 years old (it had been limited to people over 25). Former foster kids qualify at 18 years old, and homeless youth, defined as “an individual who certifies, in a manner as provided by the Secretary, that such individual is either an unaccompanied youth who is a homeless child or youth, or is unaccompanied, at risk of homelessness, and self-supporting” also qualify with no age specified. The amount available under the EITC for individuals without children has more than doubled to $1,500.

In order to get these benefits, people have to file a tax form.   

My colleague Lucy Potter and I have been trying to figure out how best to connect people with the information they need to collect the money, since there are thousands of people in Connecticut who were eligible but did not receive the stimulus last year. We presume all these people did not file tax forms last year (because if they had they would have gotten the stimulus). Unlike last year, unless one is already in certain federal benefit programs (SSI, SSDI, veterans benefits or railroad retirement),  there is no way to claim the stimulus without filing taxes.  We’ve created the attached flier to urge people to file, along with a website from the United Way they can use to file their taxes themselves or do so with assistance. The website is mobile compatible. Additionally, here is a phone number—(844) 322-3639—they can call for additional information.

FIlers can check their status at

Alison M. Weir
Policy Advocate/Staff Attorney
Greater Hartford Legal Aid
999 Asylum Ave., 3rd Fl.
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 541-5053
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