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College Board Launches the Opportunity Scholarship
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If I asked you “what is the ideal scholarship” you would probably say a scholarship that isn’t based on merit or test scores or GPA because there are plenty of those types of scholarships already and they are limited to the highest performing students. Next, you might say a scholarship that doesn’t require a long list of requirements, such as submitting an essay or gathering recommendations from teachers and counselors or completing a lengthy application process. Next, you would likely say a scholarship that is not a one-and-done, but instead gives students multiple opportunities to win. Lastly, a scholarship that makes money available to students by rewarding them for the steps they are already taking as they prepare for college, with no extra burden and no additional time-consuming stress.

Surprisingly, such a scholarship already exists! It is called the College Board Opportunity Scholarship and is open to all students beginning their junior year of high school. The Opportunity Scholarship was developed last school year and was designed to reward students for taking the steps towards college that research shows will more likely result in them getting there. The best part is that most students are already taking these important actions and the Opportunity Scholarship is just one more incentive to keep students advancing along the path to college.

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