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2019 Recognition Awards
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CASBO is dedicated to acknowledging exemplary business managers and their service to the betterment of education for the students of Connecticut.  CASBO has three recognition awards—Connecticut Celebrated School Business Official Award, Rising Star Award and Innovative Practices Award.  Annually, nominations are sought in February through March.  The Selection Committee is comprised of CASBO members, a CABE representative, and a CAPSS representative. 

The Connecticut Celebrated School Business Official and Rising Star Awards were created to acknowledge the value and contributions of outstanding school business officials. Nominees are evaluated based upon their contributions to their profession, regardless of the size of their districts and their job titles. These awards are meant to honor an individual both for current accomplishments and sustained contributions.   The Rising Star Award is reserved for those who have had their certification for 10 or less years.

The purpose of the School Business and Operations Innovative Practices Recognition is to identify effective and innovative uses of public resources in support of education, and to disseminate the ideas or practices for the benefit of public schools in Connecticut.

Each award winner receives a beautiful award presented at the President’s Dinner, complimentary Institute registration and tickets to the President’s Dinner.  The call for award nominations will be accepted until March 29, 2019 via the CASBO website.