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Registration for the UConn Neag PK3 Leadership Program opens November 15, 2018
UCONN PK-3 Leadership Program

The economic, academic, and societal benefits of quality early education are well documented.
Contemporary research in child development shows widespread evidence investments in early childhood education programs produce lifelong benefits. Creating coherent, integrated systems from PreK to grade 3 have shown learning gaps can be reduced, achievement and opportunities for success enhanced.
As a participant in this program, you will become a critical spokesperson for advancements in PreK-3rd grade, which will contribute to better student outcomes at all grade levels and into adulthood.
But which investments are most valuable? How do I support adult learning in a systemic way? How do I communicate the value of early childhood programs in my community? How do I engage families in ways that matter?
This is where we come in. We’ve created an executive style program to help you bring new skills and leadership to your school, district, and community. You will: 

  • Create plans to improve coherence and quality of early learning based on a comprehensive PreK-3rd grade approach.
  • Observe classroom instruction to identify both quality indicators as well as practices that interfere with learning.
  • Lead with a focus on reduced achievement gaps and socially just classrooms.
  • Clearly and credibly communicate strategies and benefits to diverse stakeholders in schools, districts, communities, and across the state.

Visit our website to register