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CAPSS Welcomes Connecticut Behavioral Health, LLC. as Business Partner
Connecticut Behavioral Health, LLC logo

Connecticut Behavioral Health, LLC (CBH) has been a provider of school-based behavioral health and ABA services for over 20 years to school districts across the state. Our Clinical Psychologists, Clinicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and RBTs work with school district personnel to develop research based district-wide behavioral health and ABA programs as well as provide behavioral support to students to keep them in their home-schools. CBH Clinical and Behavioral consultants are highly trained in psychological and behavioral assessment, plan development, and data collection so as to continually monitor progress of student programming and make data informed changes. Our 20 years of experience in providing both direct service and training across the state to school districts, and remaining in school districts year upon year, speaks to the high quality of services that CBH staff bring to each district they support.

Dr. Ryan Loss
Executive Director