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CAPSS Welcomes Adelbrook Back as Business Partner

Ädelbrook Academies in Cromwell and Manchester are private special education programs approved by the State Department of Education to serve students with autism, developmental and behavioral disabilities, and other learning disabilities from pre-Kindergarten through grade 12.

Ädelbrook’s Transitional Academy in Middletown serves students ages 18–22 that focuses on life-long learning, life skills, and employment proficiencies through meaningful work experiences and community engagement. The program includes work experience opportunities at Ädelbrook’s educational retail store, The Bark-ery.

Our primary objective is to create a momentum of success for our young people so they will continue to advance when they return to public schools or move on to post-secondary programs. Our goal is to provide each student with a positive, individualized, and highly engaging educational experience.

Dale R. Hoyt, Ed.D
Vice President for Education