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The Windham Early College Opportunity Program is a partnership between Windham Public Schools, Electric Boat, Quinebaug Valley Community College - QVCC, Eastern Advance Manufacturing Alliance - EAMA, and Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board - EWIB. Windham-ECO is a 4 year program that is open to all students entering 9th grade at Windham High School - WHS. Students earn a certificate in manufacturing from Quinebaug Valley Community College at no out-of-the pocket cost while attending high school. Upon finishing the program, students will be first in line to obtain a well-paid job at Electric Boat or at any of the 58 manufacturing companies that are part of EAMA.  

While completing the regular high school requirements, Windham-ECO students go through different components: 

  1. Summer Booth Camp: a class focused on transitional strategies that prepare students for their first college class.
  2. Mentor Program: every student is assigned with an industry-mentor who supports the transition to the workplace.
  3. Workplace Learning: a class that students take during their first three years. This class focuses on the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace, such as teamwork, leadership, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. During their third year, students receive training to apply for the internship program that takes place during the summer.
  4. College Classes at WHS: students take 50% of the classes required for the certificate at the high school during the regular schedule. These are dual enrollment classes that are taught by Windham faculty approved by QVCC. The classes are held at the manufacturing lab that was especially adapted for the program.
  5. 5College Classes at QVCC: during summer time, students are transported from Windham to Danielson to take hands-on college classes at the Advanced Manufacturing Center of QVCC.
  6. Internship: after their junior year, Windham-ECO students can apply for an internship at Electric Boat or at the other EAMA companies that are part of the internship program.
  7. Cooperative Work Education: during their senior year, students participate in work based projects in order to strengthen the needed skills for employment opportunities after high school.

Windham-ECO provides students access to a high quality education and prepares them to succeed in high demand occupations in the manufacturing field. The Program holds a commitment to offer meaningful learning experiences that allow students to develop both the technical abilities and the 21st century’s skills needed for post-secondary opportunities.


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