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"Technology Upgrade" to the Idea of a Gallery Walk
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This strategy is a "technology upgrade" to the idea of a gallery walk.  QR codes are posted throughout the classroom.  Using a QR code scanner, students access links that lead to documents with the pictures or articles students should view.  While viewing these documents, students fill out a Google Docs graphic organizer detailing adjectives they would use to describe the picture, specific details that stand out, and inferences made based on background information.  Students were able to zoom in and out of the picture to view details closer, and could work in whichever order they chose.  This lesson was specifically used recently to view the work of Dorothea Lange and her photos of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.  The activity was part of a novel study of Out of the Dust, by Karen Hesse.  Following this activity, students read an article about Lange's image, "Migrant Mother," and answered an open-ended question based on their experience during the gallery walk and the information collected during the article reading.


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