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Teach to One Personalized Math Program
Teacher and students in classroom

Norwalk Public Schools has implemented a new and innovative personalized approach to math instruction at the middle school level in partnership with New Classrooms entitled “Teach to One”.  The program creates an environment that uses technology to create an adaptive curriculum catered to each individual student’s need on a daily basis.

Teach to One is designed to give students rigorous and engaging learning experiences each day tailored to their strengths and needs. Rather than a traditional linear progression, these lessons create a web of skills that encompasses a year-round curriculum for each student. The adaptive personalized curriculum uses analytics from historical learner patterns, individual learner attributes, and lesson characteristics to decide what, when, where, and how students learn. 

The instructional model consists of students working in large areas, broken up into learning centers where students regroup three times during a ninety minute block to learn in different modalities and address their specific needs through the implementation of a personalized, adaptive curriculum.

The focus of each student’s day-to-day instructional experience is their personalized Playlist. Playlists are a collection of related mathematical skills that students experience over a two- to three-week period.

TTO uses multiple types of assessments to enable students to express procedural knowledge as well as a broader conceptual understanding. Assessments include daily Exit Slips used to assess learning, diagnostic assessments (NWEA MAP) administered up to three times a year; personalized tests measuring cumulative skills; presentations to peers; and Prove Its, short quizzes students can take at home or school to prove they know new skills.

This approach to a truly individualized learning program, which is not computer based, but rather driven by technology to augment the capability of teachers to get immediate, real-time assessment of where their students are at any given time.  Teachers using curated resources to teach is an innovative and refreshing model of how we can use technology to allow teachers to  spend their time teaching and still give them the ability to meet their students’ specific individual needs on a daily basis.


Video: The Shift to Personalized Learning

Teachers at Nathan Hale Middle School in Norwalk, CT discuss how they shifted their teaching to Personalized Learning with the help of Teach to One: Math and New Classrooms.


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