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Taking Charge, Getting Results
Teacher and students giving thumbs up from classroom

In the Meriden Public Schools innovative teachers are recognized through the I’m Charged! Program. Our I’m Charged! Educators are leading the district's digital transformation. They are pioneers and early adopters of meaningful technology integration in the classroom and serve as examples of how students and teachers can take charge of their learning. By building internal capacity for change, Meriden Public Schools is seeing positive results in both climate and culture, and academic indicators.

Technology is leveling the playing field for all Meriden students, bringing students greater opportunity and access, and garnering impressive academic and climate results. To support student-centered learning environments where technology and digital content engage and challenge students, the Meriden Public Schools launched a “Take Charge of Your Learning Campaign” featuring “I’m Charged” classrooms.  Teacher leaders facilitate “I’m Charged” classrooms throughout the school district serving as model teaching sites for Meriden teachers and for teachers from districts across the state and nation.  By creating a collaborative learning culture, the Meriden Public Schools is experiencing a successful digital transformation and greater student success.

To participate in the I’m Charged program, teachers pledge to be continuous learners and embrace technology tools to transform teaching and learning. Through the application process, teachers demonstrate their mastery of 11 criteria by providing examples of how they are using technology to promote deeper learning. These criteria include assessing student progress, using digital tools for timely feedback,  informing instruction and creating digital content.  Through a blind review process,existing I’m Charged teachers review applications and recommend colleagues for acceptance into the program.  Once selected, these classrooms serve as model teaching sites for teachers in the system and from other districts.


I'm Charged! Initiative

I'm Charged! Initiative Criteria

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