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Semi-Formal Observations and Data Collection with FlashFeedback
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In the summer of 2017, CREC Magnet Schools Superintendent Tim Sullivan collaborated with CREC’s app development team to create FlashFeedback. The software supports his vision for improved and more frequent informal observations of teachers. 

"FlashFeedback has almost instantaneously transformed our approach to classroom observations. Using this tool we are able to be in the classrooms often, giving feedback without cumbersome paperwork, and as the superintendent, I can monitor how many observations have been done by each administrator in real time. The conversation has quickly turned to instruction instead of assessment. Love it!" - Tim Sullivan

Administrators use the FlashFeedback mobile app to quickly capture observed data as it relates to Domains 2 and 3 of the Danielson Framework. The teachers receive a copy of the administrator’s feedback via a formatted email, while the administrators themselves can view individual and aggregated data via a web-based dashboard.

Principals can see data for their building data by visiting a dashboard on the FlashFeedback website, and district leaders can see data for the whole district. Administrators work hard to ensure that each teacher receives eight semi-formal observations a year - this is enabled in part by the simple-to-use FlashFeedback app. Both administrators and teachers are motivated by the semi-formal observations because they can use the data to answer questions like, “Where should we focus professional development?” and “What can I do better in my classroom?”


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