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Norwalk Public Schools Creating the STEM Mindset
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In Norwalk, we are committed to science education. We recognize that sparking an interest in STEM education at an early age is critical to foster passion and make science public. Since 2015, NPS has been working towards a framework for students to practice and discover the wonders of STEM learning. As a result of this framework students are engaged not only with each other, but the community and business partners as well.

The success and the scalability of the Norwalk Framework includes:

  • the development or adoption of a rigorous and aligned curriculum within the 3-D learning process, 
  • creation of unique yet specific spaces for inquiry-based learning to occur, 
  • prioritization of school funds to include STEM-focused positions,
  • increase and provide ongoing professional learning for teachers, at the school and district level, to build capacity and develop more effective practices,
  • provide training to administrators on the shifts in science instruction to gain a deeper understanding of its impact within an interdisciplinary approach so that science is at the forefront and becomes a priority at all levels,
  • organization of district-led events to expose and ensure all students are not only engaged in the curriculum, but also have an opportunity to make their science learning public to the community.

Over the past three years, Norwalk Public Schools have begun to implement numerous components aligned to this framework. Tracey Elementary school was the first to start the wave of STEM prioritization. The principal carved out funds from her building based budget to hire one STEM coach. In addition, she repurposed the basement of the school to become a STEM lab. The staff and students have embraced this model and even renamed the space “The Curious Cub Lab”. This vision has brought science to the forefront of student learning. This redesign has provided students the space needed to cultivate and refine their ideas to share in preparation for the district’s annual STEM Expo event. Now, three other schools in Norwalk have seen the impact of this model and embraced this framework in their own schools.The STEM Expo event allows the Norwalk community, including parents and business partners, to embrace STEM learning and foster collaboration across all grade levels and schools.

Norwalk is excited to continue on our journey to provide STEM Education access for all.


2018 Norwalk PS STEM Expo

In Photos: Citywide STEM Expo at Brien McMahon High School

Tracey School Opens New Science Lab


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