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Measuring the Mission

Schools across the county typically have mission statements, but relatively few are able to measure their students’ success in attaining the mission.  The Granby Public Schools Capstone is a multifaceted project that serves as a culminating experience for students as they successfully complete primary school (grades 2), intermediate school (grade 5), middle school (grade 8) and high school (grade) 12.   

The district mission is embraced by all schools and the Capstone projects at the end of each school experience measure how individual students effectively portray the three pillars within our district mission statement: powerful thinking, effective collaboration and compassionate contributing in preparation for success in a dynamic, interdependent world.  

Capstone projects encourage students to think critically, persevere, problem solve, and develop skills in goal setting, research, written communication, media literacy, teamwork, and public speaking. Capstone projects celebrate student voice through student selection of a particular area of interest. From an initial focus on “Heroes in our Community” at the primary level, a gradual release approach to inquiry equips students to choose an area of personal passion as they embark on their final Capstone experience as seniors at Granby Memorial High School. 

Granby’s Capstone program innovatively embeds rich research experiences and presentations for our youngest students at Kelly Lane Primary School. This expectation continues for our students at Wells Road Intermediate School with the addition of a Capstone Fair. Students’ talents and skills are further refined at the middle and high school levels where students make formal presentations and present scholarly research. 

In 2018-2019, Granby Memorial High School added AP Capstone Seminar to our program of studies. 2019-2020 will further include AP Capstone Research, providing the opportunity for students to earn an AP Diploma. Both AP Capstone courses provide student an opportunity to complete a research project, write a paper, and complete a presentation…again in support of the district mission.

District developed rubrics help staff measure the pillars of our mission of effective collaboration and compassionate contributing. Powerful thinking is measured at each level through a rigorous written paper assessed by grade level writing rubrics. Presentations at each level prepare high school students to work with an outside expert in their research area in order to provide authenticity and tangible real world connections. 

Granby’s Capstone is innovative in that it attempts to measure an embedded part of our culture and a celebration of student learning during key transition points in their Granby Public Schools experience. Our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement has kept Capstone at the forefront of our work. Student learning continues to transcend our expectation as their innovative thinking results in charitable projects, benefits, and performances in the spirit of compassionate contributing.


Capstone Mission

Capstone Rubrics

Capstone Syllabus

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