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Early College Advanced Manufacturing Pathway (ECAMP tm)
Engineering student

ECAMP offers cooperating district students pathways to obtaining advanced manufacturing skills, industry-ready credentials, the opportunity to complete the 21-credit CNC Advanced Placement Certificate in CNC Machining during their high school course of studies or continuing on to finish the 37-credit Certificate in CNC Machining, Metrology and Manufacturing Technology at Goodwin College that is nationally recognized through the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC).
ECAMP: CNC Advanced Placement Certificate

  1. ECAMP serves students in grades 9-12 in a well-structured academic progression, focusing on advanced manufacturing courses and related pre- apprenticeship experiences designed to support success in manufacturing at the industry level.
  2. ECAMP courses are aligned with national industry standards, allowing students to earn the 21-credit Goodwin College CNC Advanced Placement Certificate in Basic CNC Machining, a Certified Production Technician credential, nationally recognized through the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC).  
  3. ECAMP is designed to support students in this challenging environment by providing academic advisors, mentors and tutors, access to the Goodwin College Library and Academic Success center, and specially selected and trained Goodwin staff.   
  4. ECAMP staff coordinate with high school faculty to help students develop prerequisite skills, avoiding the need for remedial college courses and maximizing overall college success.
  5. ECAMP provides participating high schools with specially designed high school manufacturing curricula, (BMM 140 Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics) that can be integrated into student learning in grades 9 and 10, helping prepare students for success in grades 11 and 12 and expanding the impact of the program to other interested students.
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