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Curriculum Playlists - Making the Curriculum Flexible While Increasing Learner Voice and Choice
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Across all grades and content in Greenwich Public Schools, standards based curriculum is made flexible with the integration of curated curriculum playlists. Why? One size does not fit all and playlists can increases student ownership and self regulation of learning providing for increased choice and voice.

Playlists have the potential to reduce barriers to learning and accessing content. Teachers develop playlists specific to learning targets and outcomes. Students engage with the curated content and self-paced Learning during class blocks such as the workshop. 

Playlist is a term used to describe a document that contains a progression of scaffold learning aligned with standards, identified learning targets or content/concept. The approach reengineers the “workshop menu”. A significant difference remains in the increase in complexity of work, as students self-regulate and pace themselves through the process or task. 

The content can be curated by the teacher, a team of teachers or with the students. Leaving space for students to add to the playlist provides an opportunity for the learner to synthesize the information and demonstrate their ability to research, evaluate, determine importance/connection, synthesize and ultimately communicate back to all partners in learning. 

Playlists are made powerful by both the use of physical and digital content. Linking to resources from the web, a Learning Management System or documents/slides/sheets in the Google Drive provide a repository for the resources learners will need to own and self regulate their learning. 

Links can provide access to instructions, videos, tasks, resources for research, articles and other means to engage and explore. 

Extending the playlist to a task is of critical importance. This provides for a deeper purpose of the playlist. The “why” we asked students to work through it in the first place. 

The creation and use of curriculum playlists provides for learner voice and choice with teacher guidance. A playlist provides a structure that supports a mutually agreed upon pace or one chosen by the learner. Playlists ensure content is current and relevant to the tasks. 

Curriculum Playlists can be a flexible, powerful tool and resource. It is not a means to digitize worksheets or drill a skill. When designed at a high level, the  level of learning is naturally lifted.


Curriculum Playlist Handbook - Greenwich PS -Curriculum Playlists -  How to Increase Learner Voice and Choice


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