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Canton High School Mastery Project


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As students move toward the completion of their K-12 education, they have studied, practiced, and applied an abundance of skills and knowledge. The Mastery Project course will allow them to select an area of interest, and a style of learning in which to ultimately apply those skills and attributes gained through their previous courses and experiences. Students will design their own project paths where they can explore an academic pursuit, a potential career, or an outside area of interest about which they’d like to learn more. Through the project, students will employ specific skills and will demonstrate the overarching Canton Public Schools Learning Expectations, culminating in a formal project presentation.

This required course takes place during the first semester and will provide a culminating experience for seniors. Students will study a topic or area of interest of their choice, applying their knowledge of research, collaboration, communication, and presentation skills through a long-term independent project. College and career readiness skills will be addressed in the classroom, and students will develop their interpersonal and leadership abilities through embedded experiences. They will work with their teacher, mentor, peers, and school counselors to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that define a Canton High School senior. Ultimately, all students will formally present their work to an audience of peers, teachers, administrators, and community members during a final exhibition event.


Canton Mastery Project


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  • College & Career Ready
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  • Critical Thinking
  • Curriculum
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  • Personal/Mastery Based Learning
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