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Budget Process Innovation
Preston's BoE Chair, First Selectman and Superintendent planning a presentation.
BoE Chair, the First Selectman, and the Superintendent planning a presentation.

The Superintendent, BoE Chair and the entire BoE of Preston flipped the local budget process on its side. Instead of the Superintendent and his administrative team constructing a budget and presenting it to the BoE for dissecting and dismantle. The Finance Committee of the BoE, with a liaison from the town Board of Finance, and ultimately the entire BoE created the budget together. The process was collegial, reflective, collaborative, and forward-looking and led to a 7-0 unanimous vote by the BoE. The budget went on to be approved by the town Board of Finance. The result of the process was all board members of the district and the town developed a deep understanding of the district budget. So much so that when the budget stumbled during the public voting process the First Selected, in an unprecedented move, stood and endorsed the proposal. 

We have learned from this process and made adjustments that are now being played out as of this writing. We believe that this process will deepen community trust and, in the end, lead to more vigorous support of the needs of our students and our community.


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