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capss' innovation committee

Request for PK-12 Innovative Educational Idea/Practice

Based on the work of HundrED, the CAPSS Innovation Committee is pleased to invite every Connecticut school district to share their PK-12 innovative educational idea/practice -- feel free to submit more than one! The goal is to help improve Connecticut education by contributing to a platform to share innovative school practices. We hope that every district will participate!

Innovation Criteria

Your district’s educational innovation idea/practice should adhere to the following:

  1. Innovativeness:  The idea should provide a valuable improvement to education.
  2. Impactful:  The idea must have been established for at least one year with demonstrable evidence.
  3. Scalability:  The idea should be able to work in other school districts and you should be willing to serve as a resource regarding implementation.

The online form is very short and easy to complete, and we've included a link to the form below:

PK-12 Innovative Educational Idea/Practice Form
Essentially, you upload a photo of the innovation, a short description, contact information for the innovational idea, and any resources that may help other districts learn about and/or help them with implementation.

The online submission form may be saved as a draft and completed at a later date by clicking on the Save For Later button at the bottom of the form. If you decide to complete the form in more than one sitting, you will be prompted to supply district contact information and an email address. You will be sent a link to re-access the form.

Here is how your ideas will be profiled and shared on the website.


Visit HundrED if you are interested in learning more about HundrED or about innovation educational ideas from around the world.

The CAPSS’ Innovation Committee