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capss' innovation committee

About Us

From harnessing fire, to making tools and art, to connecting diverse societies via sailing ships, undersea communications cables, to the worldwide web, humans have always adapted and innovated to try to improve our lives.

We define innovation, not as exclusively the use of advanced technologies and use of ‘big data’ (although important aspects), but as how we organize meaningful learning pathways for our students; how we support our students’ social emotional development in light of accelerating transformational change, and ensure we build on our collective experience to create a set of tools for our students to master as they become adaptable life-long learners. 

  • establish an online venue for sharing resources and ideas collaborating with each other and with partners 
  • establish ourselves as a group to be able to apply and compete for grants
  • work to influence policies regarding school innovation in Connecticut.
  • host one event each year for colleagues and partners

As highlighted in Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s now classic work Confidence, partnerships beyond the pre-K–12 realm are vital to our capacity to focus on creating the learning tools and skills our students will need as they become adults.

Potential Partners
The WorkPlace
CT Innovations
Community colleges and universities
CT Agricultural Experiment Station

Level of Commitment:
  • attend 4 meetings each year
  • help plan one CT Schools of Innovation event (to be defined by the group)

CT Schools of Innovation will provide a clearinghouse for superintendents and their professional partners to prepare our students for the evolving global society that will include artificial neural networks (ANNs) capable of deep learning, genomic medicine, and generative tools. It will also allow us to think about and discuss civics and the role of the humanities in this next phase of our existence.

Innovation and adaptability: preparing our students for the mid-to-late 21st Century.