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capss' innovation committee

Innovation has always defined our survival as a species.  |  Our ability to adapt – our adaptability — is the sister of innovation.  |  The CAPSS' Innovation Committee is an evolving network of superintendents focused on preparing our students for the challenges of the mid-to-late 21st Century in the context of innovation.

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Innovation Wave
Innovation Wave - December 2019

As we ponder the impact of innovations and adaptations on society, our schools and ourselves, the notion and reality of deep transition — or transitions — frames my thinking.

It is said life is defined by transitions. Nothing ever stays the same. Some Buddhist philosophers, and some country singers, might say: “You can’t step into the same river twice.”

That seems right.

The river flows.

How do we prepare our students for a hyper-connected global society defined by significant changes? We cannot predict how the river will flow and change. We can only give our kids the tools to adapt and manage the transitions.

Speaking of transition:

CAPSS has connected with Check out the website. The book by founder Marc Freedman (How to Live Forever) is worthwhile as background.

As we transition into a new global reality of a huge and growing population of elders living longer lives, the need for innovation in how we accomplish meaningful, sustainable intergenerational relationships becomes essential. We are well positioned to act!

Leaders as creators

This might vs. this better

Most of the time, we approach our tasks with the mantra of, “this better work.”

Far better to say, “this might work.”

If you’re designing a bridge or a pacemaker, I’m begging you to embrace established norms and build something that’s going to work, every single time.

For the rest of us, though, the task is to leap forward, to improve, to explore the next frontier.

“This might work” is the slogan for a scientist, an artist and a linchpin.

~ Seth Godin Nov. 17, 2019

Take a look:

Children on tablet_credit: Klaus Vedfelt-Getty

Photo credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty

Bring Games and Sports to Classrooms Already

It’s time schools acknowledge that games offer more practical and tangible value than most other subjects taught.

Bernie Bleske
Nov 10 · 5 min read



TedEd logo

11/12/19, 4:00 PM
“People who really change the world are the people who were met with initial and often violent rejections. These people did not let rejection define them. They let their own reaction after rejection define themselves.”


edutopia (@edutopia)

edutopia logo

11/13/19, 7:36 PM
“SEL is in every setting and interaction. It's part of being human. If things get separated into one space, the work is not happening as effectively as it should." Here’s how to teach social emotional skills in an already crowded school day.


RSA Innovation Education Network


Getting Smart: The Future is ...


I am hopeful you find some of these resources to be of value!

Please send me some links and resources you are working with and contemplating so I can add them.

Thank you. 

Chris Clouet
Shelton Public Schools

Invitation to CT Districts banner ad

Based on the work of HundrED, the CAPSS Innovation Committee is pleased to invite every Connecticut school district to share one PK-12 innovative educational idea/practice. The goal is to help improve Connecticut education by establishing a platform to share innovative school practices. We hope that every district will participate!

Innovation Criteria

Your district’s educational innovation idea/practice should adhere to the following:

  1. Innovativeness:  The idea should provide a valuable improvement to education.
  2. Impactful:  The idea must have been established for at least one year with demonstrable evidence.
  3. Scalability:  The idea should be able to work in other school districts and you should be willing to serve as a resource regarding implementation.

Submit your innovative idea/practice online. The form is very short and easy to complete, and we've included a link below:

PK-12 Innovative Educational Idea/Practice Form
Essentially, you upload a photo of the innovation, a short description, contact information for the innovational idea, and any resources that may help other districts learn about and/or help them with implementation.

The on-line submission form may be saved as a draft and completed at a later date by clicking on the Save For Later button at the bottom of the form. If you decide to complete the form in more than one sitting, you will be prompted to supply district contact information and an email address. You will be sent a link to re-access the form.

Here is where your innovative practices will appear.

Questions about your submittal or the form may be directed to Paulien Rorick, (860) 236-8640 x170.