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Three superintendents described how the ideas in the NextEd: Next Steps report are being implemented in their districts.  The comments were both informative and inspirational.  Because of the insights the comments provide as a reflection of the NextEd: Next Steps report, we are sharing the comments with our readers.

Farmington Superintendent, Kathy Greider

The CAPSS NextEd report reflects many of the initiatives the Farmington schools are working on to achieve a more personalized, student-centered and mastery-based approach to teaching and learning.  I want to share some aspects of our improvement work in Farmington to illustrate the importance of the NextEd: Next Steps report.

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Hartford Superintendent, Beth Narvaez

Today we have been challenged to answer an important call to action – to transform our education system so the learner is at the center of all strategy and action. As the superintendent of Hartford Public Schools, I am proud to say that we step up to answer that challenge.

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Windsor Locks Superintendent, Susan Bell

We are fortunate in Connecticut to have such a progressive group of leaders at the helm to develop and strengthen the vision of the college, career, and life ready high school graduate. Thank you to the entire CORE Team, but especially Joe, Janet, and Larry for their hard work and determination to make this work a reality. It’s not easy leading a work group full of leaders! But they listened, they questioned, and they ultimately published a document that captures the vision, goals, and recommendations that will drive the transformation of public education – as it already has.

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