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Blueprint for Personalized Learning in Delaware
Rodel Foundation of Delaware

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Education Reimagined: A Transformational Vision for Education in the U.S.

Igniting the Unique Potential of Colorado’s Students

Implementing Competency Education in K–12 Systems: Insights from Local Leaders
by Chris Sturgis

Mean What You Say: Defining and Integrating Personalized,
Blended and Competency Education


Tomorrow's Technology Today

CAPSS' Technology Committee released the report, Tomorrow's Technology Today, Technology Transforming Teaching & Learning in Connecticut Schools, A Technology Futures Projection Report.

The CAPSS Technology Committee Futures Projection Survey provides both detail and context of the voices of Instructional Technology Specialists in Connecticut sharing their expert view of the impact of technology on teaching and learning over the next five years based on emerging technologies and evidence of exemplary and promising practices throughout Connecticut.