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Tentative Timeline and Activities

February 2016

Districts must submit applications by February 26, 2016. Applications will be reviewed and districts selected. In the selection process.  We will be mindful to establish a cross-section of urban, suburban, and rural districts as well as both Alliance and non-Alliance districts. We will also consider the district’s previous experience in high school redesign and coherence with other district initiatives. Finally, careful attention will be paid to how this project fits into and supports ongoing District work. Districts will be notified by March 4, 2016.

March 2016-September 2016

Superintendent appoints Task Force. This group can be of any size; but only five will be able to attend the Convention. On March 9, 2016 selected districts will receive a packet of sample resources for the Task Force to use as well as resources for reading. Some of the items will be: protocols and norms for the Task Force and focus groups, surveys for various constituencies, a PowerPoint to be used at public sessions, readings, websites, and sample resolutions. The first action of the Task Force is to identify ten to fifteen outcomes (knowledge, skills and dispositions) for all students to graduate college, career and citizenship ready. We suggest that this be a discussion that includes all constituencies. Task Force will conduct focus groups, surveys, and meetings for the purpose of gaining input from the stakeholders.

September 2016

Task Forces will develop a series of Resolutions about their Reimagined High School vision to be debated and voted on at the Convention in November/December 2016. Resolutions are due by September 30, 2016.

October 2016

Between October 24, 2016 and November 18, 2016, CAPSS, CAS and CSDE will sponsor a series of conference calls on various groups of resolution topics. These calls are voluntary and will focus on specific topics such as: allocation of time, curriculum and assessment, instructional practices, mental health/supports, and student role in learning/engagement. For example, if a task force selects Mental Health/Supports as one area of focus, they may want to talk with other district’s task forces that are also working on that area. The conference calls are designed to allow participants to share ideas and information prior to the Convention.

Other October Events
October 14: Resolutions Due
October 24 - November 4: Teams Review Resolutions

November 2016

All district five person teams will come together for a one-day convention in Hartford, CT during the week of November 28, 2016. Participants are encouraged to invite one of their legislators as an advisor to the team to participate at the Convention. Participating legislators will not be counted toward the maximum number for a team. Discussions and meetings at the Convention will be videotaped and archived for future use.

Other November Events
October 24 - November 4: Teams Review Resolutions
November 7 - November 22: Webinars/Conference Calls