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How should communities redesign the education program in their high school(s) so that all graduates are prepared to be productive citizens in the 21st Century?

How do communities redesign high school education programs to ensure that all students graduate college career and life ready and are globally competitive?

The purpose of this project is to engage approximately 25 school districts in a discussion of the transformation of CT high schools. Through research, community discussion, and debate, each of the 25 districts will develop a framework to continue work on high school transformation and answer the question: “What should high school education look like as we move past the factory model?”

Work on this project will culminate in a one-day convention in Hartford where the 25 district teams will consider, deliberate, and vote on the resolutions submitted by all of the teams. The resolutions that are accepted will be published in a brochure that will also be available as a digital version. All of the outcomes will be widely distributed.

Implementation of any of the resolutions is at the discretion the district. Implementation is not a requirement of this project.

The Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS), Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) and the Connecticut Department of Education (CSDE) collaboratively sponsor this project. The Nellie Mae Education Foundation provides partial funding.