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Strengthen the Profession

Action Steps

  • Connecticut will grant certification to teachers and educational leaders based on demonstrated competency, not on accumulation of university credits.
  • The first year in a teaching or leadership role will be structured as an internship with strong, consistent coaching by experienced educators committed to transformation.
  • Educator certification will provide flexibility to allow greater leadership and coaching opportunities and facilitated job-embedded professional development for teachers.
  • Evaluation systems will include criteria that encourage educator collaboration and innovation rather than penalizing teachers and educational leaders for taking risks to improve their practice.23
  • Performance, professional activity, and student achievement will be the determinants when acting upon a necessary reduction in force.
  • In shortage areas only, a superintendent can grant a temporary certificate for up to two-years as long as the teacher enrolls in a higher education program to get that endorsement.



23     Jobs for the Future & the Council of Chief State School Officers. 2015. Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-Centered Teaching. Boston, MA: Jobs for the Future.